•  910.392.3604 Begin Your Adventure: We are OPENNING FOR THE SEASON! April 2, 2022!
  • Hours Everyday WEATHER PERMITTING - 10 AM til 4 PM, last admission is AT 3 PM!!

Park Rules

No Pets Allowed

Dogs, cats or pets of any kind are strictly prohibited from entering Tregembo Animal Park. This is to ensure the safety of our animals, staff and guests.

Interacting with Animals

  • If you would like to feed the animals, bags of corn or peanuts are available for purchase. Outside food and drinks are not permitted into the park.
  • Do not tease or throw objects at the animals.
  • Do not climb over fences, open gates or damage plants.

No Outside Food, Drinks or Carts

Outside food and beverages, including water, are not allowed in the park. Wagons, car-shaped strollers or other carts for children are prohibited.

No Metal or Aluminum Containers

We do not allow metal or aluminum bottles or other containers in the park. Plastic cups for young infants are permitted.

Photography Policy

Photos may be taken for non-commercial purposes only.



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